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First draft

A shadow from the past is creeping out
A shallow hourglass

Im not a poet
thats my life so i wrote it
so everyone will know it
when i die they can show it

I kind of feel like i broke away
broken clean
gone astray

Let me tell you right
Let me tell you now
everything in sight
will come crashing down

Beautiful, like violent justice being passed out from above us.
this is the world as viewed from my eyes
Damage is a threat, but violence is your best bet
All i see is lies, sex, and war

Is it fair to say
the games you play
are obvious

Lately, i been feeling so crazy
I been missing my baby
but you know that she hates me

I can't change what i dont know
the reigns i still control
dont ever try to take that from me
there are some things that were just not meant to be


I tried to cry, but I couldn't feel it,
I tried to lie, but I couldnt fake it,
I tried to fight, but I couldnt make it,
I tried to die.

I left her there abused
used and confused
she could never forgive me theres no use
And i lose, cos i tried to choose

why is mama crying?
why are you still climbing out the window every night?
what is it your running from or is it that your hididng?


Spaces in between
they seem so far to reach
open up the wound
at least it will be cleaned

She will never know
if i will never tell
the way i feel
cos feelings fail


Its On! ! !
The fear I held for so long
Its Gone.


And once again, I find myself against the wind.
The way it’s always been.
I don’t mind.

this is for the haters who dont understand
you dont know me, you dont know how i am

I wrote these things to express how i feel

I dont mind the pain sometimes
it washes away, everything

Bloody memories left with no pride,

Looking at this world i wonder
WTF is it weve come to
Have things really always been this way?
isnt it time for a change?

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I am not a poet.)

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A Shadow From The Past

First draft

A shadow from the past is creeping out
A shallow hourglass
as the days pass i count

How did we get here?
reasons left unclear
Memories held so dear
Let them drift away.

I just need to be free
of these guilty memories

All the weigh i hold
is crushing me

an inablitly
to release
what a disease

you have nothing to apologize for
thank you for everything.

Completely revised

A prophetic assumption
A lesson learned in corruption

A shadow from the past is creeping out
A shallow hour glass, as the days pass i count

A Flame to the candle
A Fire in the eyes
A Blade to the knife
Blood in the skies

Things aint been the same, since you painted the town grey
Thats okay, cos things havent really changed

You speak about blood in the streets
reality is closer than you think
violence like silence spread
across a guilty sea
there is no bargain plea
pay back, restitution we seek
sorrow you have sown
fruitition is at its peak

a coldness rising from the floor
close your blinds and lock your door
a darkness setting in
lie down and pretend you dont exist

forget not the wisdom of old
these things have been fortold

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