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David SmithWhite Poems

1. A Letter To Hilary 12/20/2005
2. A Major Modern Miracle 8/30/2005
3. A Rapt Rap (Wrapped) 9/8/2005
4. A Sea Shanty 2/26/2009
5. A Song Of Hope 1/21/2006
6. A Songwriter's Spiel 9/3/2005
7. An Alternate Battle Hymn 4/10/2008
8. Anon. By Me 11/6/2005
9. Ax Of Creation 11/5/2005
10. Black Dog 9/5/2005
11. Blind Luck 11/1/2005
12. Bloody Bill 8/28/2005
13. Blotworld 9/3/2005
14. Boxing Shadows 3/10/2009
15. Bushtalk 5/17/2006
16. Cat 8/30/2005
17. Chants In A Million 9/23/2005
18. Cybertime 8/28/2005
19. Do I Still Call Australia, H...? 9/21/2005
20. Fame 9/2/2005
21. 'Fergie' 8/31/2005
22. George's Golden Sword 9/13/2005
23. Guantanamo 10/11/2005
24. Hubris 3/16/2008
25. Life, Etc. 8/28/2005
26. Love Me Very Much 8/30/2005
27. Messalina 9/6/2005
28. Modern Love 10/17/2005
29. My Friend, Osama 8/28/2005
30. Past Sentiment 2/5/2007
31. Politics As Usual 10/26/2005
32. Red With Native Blood 1/23/2006
33. Remembering 9/5/2005
34. Schrodinger's Cat 2/24/2009
35. Shadows 12/7/2005
36. Shills And Marx 8/28/2005
37. Simpson And His Donkey 10/20/2005
38. Song Of The Snowy 9/1/2005
39. Song: Madame Medusa 10/7/2005
40. Song: Camilla 10/13/2005

Comments about David SmithWhite

  • Dallas Frazer (3/25/2014 12:41:00 PM)

    Hi David, Just wondering if you have any objections if I use your poem 'Simpson and His Donkey' as part of an ANZAC service. It is intended for some children to read as part of a service in Canada and I will of course offer you credit as the author. Please let me know if this is OK? frazer.dallas@gmail.com

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  • Pens Pen (3/6/2012 12:52:00 PM)

    DAVID...want to use one of your poems in a song to publish..need your response...Bob at...java2468@gmail.com

  • Guest Guesterson (11/25/2011 12:53:00 AM)

    Is the music to the song 'The Girl On The Flying Trapeze'?

  • Glen Shorts (4/30/2006 3:37:00 PM)

    Jennifer Ouellette 'Black Bodies and Quantum Cats' should have read this first.

    Good Show..

    Alan Bender

Best Poem of David SmithWhite


In my own remembering,
I can see so many things.
Days of bliss were much too brief.
Longer nights of pain and grief.
In my own remembering,
all my sins forgive.

Memory, can never be,
mere fact or history.
Memory, is more complex;
of mute agenda and subtext.
Memory, will flow and ebb,
according to one's mental web.
Memory, a visceral mix,
of deja vu and subtle tricks.

In my own remembering,
thwarted dreams will all take wing.
Flights of fancy, foolish lies,
float in ether's cloudless skies.
In my own imagining,
I begin ...

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Song: The Stalker

Each and every moment of each and every day,
I became obsessed with her in every single way.
I followed her home from school,
my diary tells it all:
a crazy man, and a bloody fool.
Riding for a fall.

Each and every minute of each and every hour,
the pressed leaves of her sheltered life,

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