David Threadgold Poems

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.5. A Colourful Day

My pinstripe suit sits waiting
Freshly cleaned and neatly pressed
For a most important meeting
Where I need to look my best

.5. Gone Fishing

Fishermen cast out their nets
We all in turn go fishing
Some will use a rod and line
While others fish by wishing

.2. A Mystery

Look beyond the stars and planets
Through the vastness of deep space
To the edge of mans own vision
Travel to this unknown place

.5. A New School

I remember my first days at school
How the building seemed so big
I remember where I hung my coat
By the picture of a pig

.4. A Pig In Muck

Up to my knees in the pigsty
Where little pigs learned how to swim
I needed a very large shovel
To dig out the ones who were dim

.4. A Badgers Lot

Morning mist near badgers set
No one’s coming home just yet
Black and white stripes muddy browned
Digging juicy worms from ground

.5. A Cosy Snack

Dim the lights within the room
From bright to subtle glow
Put on our favourite record
Turn pace from fast to slow

.3. A Monster

Those claws of yours for grabbing
Large eyes so you can see
Sharp teeth to tear the meat apart
You’d brought back home for tea

.3. A Tall Story

I built myself a time machine
And travelled to the past
Where dinosaurs looked hungry
So my visit didn’t last

.3. An Open Door

Ten chubby fingers
On two chubby hands
Reach for support
To help when she stands

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