.5. A Cosy Snack Poem by David Threadgold

.5. A Cosy Snack

Rating: 4.7

Dim the lights within the room
From bright to subtle glow
Put on our favourite record
Turn pace from fast to slow

Arrange the cushions on the couch
Fur-throw to warm your toes
Then we’ll cuddle up so tight
To see how evening goes

The music takes the stress away
With a nice cool glass of wine
Let your worries drift along
As I do the same with mine

All relaxed and fully chilled
The wine has made me heady
Try as I might to pour some more
My hands become unsteady

Cosy up together close
I’ll kiss your ruby lips
But someone’s knocking at the door
It’s pizza extra chips

© 2008 David Threadgold
Rambling Riddles & Rhymes

Tia Maria 04 October 2008

That was lovely, except you made me so crave savoury Nothing in this place but leftover birthday cake and the last piece of chocolate from the whole slab I ate for dinner lastnight & todays breakfast, lunch & tea No wonder your poem fills me with jealousy

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Lynda Robson 04 October 2008

Sounds like my sort of evening, oh David why do you always make me feel hungry with your wonderful poems about food? 10 Lynda xx

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Chuck Audette 06 February 2009

The question is...can you perform when the chips are down? Fun one! -chuck

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Ken E Hall 14 October 2008

What a luvli cosy dim the lights poem, a page from your dairy no doubt, a scene that has happened in a zillion homes well done --I note you have written a lot of poems, hope you spend some time with the exercise bit to keep fit, regards Ken e Hall

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Reshma Ramesh 13 October 2008

lol.......beautiful...i was almost there...

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Bob Gibson 11 October 2008

Hold the anchovies bonny lad not just your hand will be shaken those violins that scant the air no love you'll be a makin another gem David lol regards Bob

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Ernestine Northover 04 October 2008

I've never known a pizza to be so romantic David. A nice cosy poem, and a nice one to take to bed with me tonight. Loved this one. love and hugs Ernestine XX

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