.4. A Badgers Lot Poem by David Threadgold

.4. A Badgers Lot

Rating: 5.0

Morning mist near badgers set
No one’s coming home just yet
Black and white stripes muddy browned
Digging juicy worms from ground

Tasty morsels go down well
Found by using only smell
Nearly full as daylight dawns
Badgers tired I’m sure they yawned

Under cover heading back
Muddy mounds left in a stack
Time to rest tired badgers heads
With their partners off to beds

All day long the sun shines cruel
The badgers in their set keep cool
As dusk approached a scratching sound
All badgers away to their hunting ground

© 2008 David Threadgold
Rambling Riddles & Rhymes

Subbaraman N V 07 July 2008

Very nice to read a good poem! Thanks for sharing.

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David Desantis 10 July 2008

really beautiful poem man...excellent read...i loved the imagery of the worms from the earth and the description of nature/badger...great one

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Stacey Watts 20 September 2008

I have never thought much of badger's before. This is a wonderful poem.

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Tj Becker 19 September 2008

For such a mean breed of animal you made them seem almost friendly :) Your poem was great, nice rhyme and flow. Very descriptive I could almost see the mean little guys. Nice poem and very well written.

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Ravinder Malhotra 14 September 2008

This is the first poem of yours I have read. Brilliant..

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Ivor Hogg 03 September 2008

God observation Sir Brock is favourite of mine

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Colin Jeffery 23 July 2008

I love this poem. Brilliant.

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