Deana Rode Poems

Hit Title Date Added
(1995) Do You Care

Do you care if I am happy,
And that I’m proud?
Do you like to see me smile,
And not drown in my tears?

(1997) Glass Heart

Glass heart
fragile and frail
beautiful and naive
do you fear to fall

(2011) The Real Me

I'm sinking into the depths of my madness again
thinking of things that only bring the shadows;

(1996) Paradox

To look at her in a glance,
She looks almost like a child;
Her short sunset hair, her tiny hands,
Her small and delicate body.

(1999) College Lonliness

Last night I had a scare
and woke up finding it reality
That your beautiful warmth
is not with me anymore.

(1997) Love

Could you give me some sign
that your faith in me is strong?
Your voice is all I hear
your language is all I understand

(1995) Silent Enlightenment

I see you lying next to me,
Breathing softly and slowly,
Your eyes closed gently dreaming,
And I suddenly see that

(1996) With Me

Dance with me by the light of the moon,
Play with me in the beach tides of noon.
Sit with me by the glow of the sun,
Run with me ‘till the day is done.

(1997) Glass Hallway

A glass hallway with no escape
Nobody can ever get in
I can never get out
Watching the world with narrow eyes

(1998) Admission Of Love

I know not if I can make love to you
Although I agree to sleep with you

My ideas of love are shaded with gray