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Well i know
you love football
More than you love me


i do it again
Then will it be

All will not be

Are the tears real

i still believe
When the heart is spilled

Another brother has a mother
A brother a sister a father
A daughter son and dog

Check out the bam
See the hand
But don't see the sham

And that Autumn dusk
As a rainy day
Yet the flicker is as
A glistening lantern

Why have i not seen
His angels?
Those beautiful wings,
Claping thunderously,

Animals and human music
Humans and animal music

We are able to spread
I AM so we are

Endeavor the storm


Do not comfort me
i would rather be
Broken than to be

This mangy dog
This dog with mange
Pitiful pitiful sight
The mut with dogged ears

Planets and stars
The stars of our planet
A thought
I didn’t plan it

The witch's Switch
Which is where
The naughty ones go
When day falls

There is significance in
The shadow of things
What are these
If they are not

i know a blind
Person when i
See one

i owe you thanks because
You looked across the table
And smiled at me

The man named Falling Rocks,
Where is he?

He went for his vision.

If we have bills to pay
This is a little thing
If we have to lose a little or a lot of weight
This is a little thing

Are we not in the first years of dating
Does a boy know how to handle
While his hands are yet fumbling
Didn't he promise to make her honest

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Grew up on an indian Reservation? Why do i write? im trying to capture what i feel for wrestling (failing miserably))

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Well i know
you love football
More than you love me

i'll call you back later
Tomorrow maybe

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Deci Hernandez Popularity

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