Denis Kucharski

Rookie (November 17,1976 / Medina, Ohio)

Denis Kucharski Poems

1. Buying Time 11/14/2006
2. In Memory Of A Certain Bukowski 11/14/2006
3. Made Alone 11/15/2006
4. Picasso 11/15/2006
5. Richard Fenyman 11/15/2006
6. Hoodwinked 11/15/2006
7. In America 11/15/2006
8. Caffeinated Aspirations 11/16/2006
9. In Anopposite Dreams 11/16/2006
10. A Ginsbergian Relinquishment 11/16/2006
11. We'Ll Meet At Disney World 11/16/2006
12. Old Home Videos 11/18/2006
13. Wandering What My Fate Will Be 11/18/2006
14. I Can Feel It 11/21/2006
15. Is This What Hell Is Like? 11/21/2006
16. A Postcard From The License Bureau 11/21/2006
17. Thanksgiving Day 11/23/2006
18. The Gospel Of Wealth 11/25/2006
19. You Think So? 11/25/2006
20. I Dashed Off A Poem 11/27/2006
21. Somewhere On A Server Farm 11/27/2006
22. I Find It Strange 11/27/2006
23. Ruminating In A Park 11/27/2006
24. A Dirge For Icarus 11/27/2006
25. My Poem To God 11/27/2006
26. Damn The Sails! 11/27/2006
27. To Lord Byron 11/27/2006
28. The Meaning Of Strange Existence 11/27/2006
29. Reflections Upon Mortality 11/27/2006
30. Heading Down The Pathways Of Time 11/27/2006
31. An Empty Street At Dusk 11/27/2006
32. Postmodern Poetry's Manifesto 11/27/2006
33. Values 11/27/2006
34. For Salieri 11/27/2006
35. I Watched You Sleeping, My Love 11/27/2006
36. A Voiceless Winter 11/27/2006
37. Winter 11/27/2006
38. To Hemmingway 11/27/2006
39. A Ballad From Lonely Mr. Smith 11/27/2006
40. The Execution Of Ms. Tucker 11/27/2006
Best Poem of Denis Kucharski

My Last Day Of Work

It was my last day of work
It had to come to an end
That comfortable job
Now long gone
And with it so many memories
My apprenticeship
And now, I
Here in my place
Looking to tomorrow
Trying to find for myself
Something of meaning
Something that matters

When I was a kid
I thought the answers would find me
And now I've realized
I'm no closer
To meaning than I was before
Except I'm just a little older now

I hope I can hold onto tomorrow
Before the present
Slips into eternity.

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Buying Time

Today I've been working very hard, toiling to buy time
So that we might spend it together.
I've been desperately searching, scratching
At the earth of life, filing, scraping
A meager den and furrow
So that we might nourish each other
And nature has given few things freely
As Adam's curse scratches back at us
The dirt doth freely humor find

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