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1. Poem Sciolist 7/28/2003
2. Poem Emails 6/18/2003
3. Perseverance 6/18/2003
4. Poem My Friends 6/18/2003
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Poem My Friends

My friends are my friends
no matter what
All of my amigos can be kind;
some are more so than others
Many of my comrades are understanding;
a few of them can be unusually difficult at times
Not much of my familiars are selfish,
most are considerate and caring
All of my buddies are my intimates;
they are the ones I call pals
Many of my sidekicks are usually lively,
a couple are boring indeed
An insignificant number of my chums are like zombies;
living but dead in character
All of my pals possess a warm and unique smile…
none is angry for too ...

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