Diane H Poems

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Mathematical Star Signs

A Mass of Aries rams describes a Curl
Potentially connected to a Field
Some Fractal of Mechanics may unfurl
A Calculus of fuzzy-logic yield.

A View

The narrow path towards Mt Toolbrunup
inclines through fragrant green enclosing wood.
He forged ahead, I kept up best I could.
A tumbled boulder slope leads ever up.


The couple ordered flat whites in the café.
“I bet there’ll be spillage in the saucer”,
she said, watching waiters dash past the table.
“Well, there was a time, ” he said, “when pouring

Parrot In Paradise

Parrot in the cyclone eye
spread his sodden wings to dry.
Wall of wind approaching sly
snapped him up and flung him high.

Buying A Car

I wanted a car when I wearied of walking.
With savings in hand, I left home to peruse.
The dealer was helpful, bright-eyed and fast-talking.
He offered two models from which I could choose.

Evariste Galois

A duel, only mist will intervene,
Two men, a line of numbers span between,
The field in which they stand, a complex plane;
Which algebraic equations set this scene?


The diner nibbles biscuit
because a stealthy misfit
has finished off the brisket and the pie.

His methods are erratic


A grey cat with vivid green eyes
hid in long grass beside a letterbox.
Two birds hopped and skipped along the path.
The cat’s attention was fixed.

Free Choice (Cleave/Trigee)

If...............The only certainty
one has..........is
faith............that something exists;
then.............it follows that

Sonnet 1: Hypothetical

If freshly cloned, with memories intact
Unable hence to occupy one ground
Our senses would not duplicate exact
the information beaming from around.

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