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Lives and works within the Twelve Tribes community
Works at The YELLOW DELI
Has been published in several publications
Green Mountain Trading Post out of Vermont
World Poets Quartely-China
Inter Tribal News(A Twelve Tribes Publication)

Does readings and workshops
Specializing in inspiring new writers

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Ashley Hart 16 February 2008

I incontestably love your work, all your poems bring me to tears. The greif and sorrow is so surreal. I feel as if the poem is trying to wake me up from a horrible nightmare and tell me that life is going by at a whirlwind speed, and it's not going to wait for me. I read alot of your poems, and they really opend my eyes to the real world, and to that no matter how old you are you have to live your life now because you never know when it could be taken away, or the life of a loved one. 'I See in Him He Wants to Live' really stood out to me and reminded me of my own father, this poem I have to say was my favorite. Keep up the amazing work, it's defenitely original.

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