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A winter rose
So fragile and fair
It's grace and beauty
Beyond compare

As special as a rose of red, that bloomed despite the frost
Is the man for whom the red rose bloomed
Without one, the other was lost.

Whenever I think about hangin' it up,
Of this life I want no more!
God hears my cry and sends to me an Angel to my door!
I'm never sure which one it will be...............

You showed up as if heaven sent
And gently held my hand
You stayed by my side
When I broke down and cried

In every fern and flower
in every towering tree
I feel the beauty of my mothers love
Forever surrounding me.

The stars shine a little brighter in the heavens up above,
But here on earth it's a cold lonely place without you here to love!
And the thought of living life without you sends a chill straight to my heart!

My love for you
Is like an eternal flower
Forever blooming more beautiful each day
And you my love

The eagle he soars with the angels now,
His spirit forever free.
In his talons he carries a single red rose!
He's right where he's been longing to be!

As dear to me as a rose would be
That bloomed despite the cold,
Is my love for you, and our friendship too,
And I thought you should be told!

The game of life,
The twists of fate,
The bridges that we burn,

My love for you, I compare it to...
The love that I hold for the Rose!
It fills me from the top of my head...
Clear down to the tips of my toes! !

Sweet Destiny
The newest flower
Blooming on our family tree,
Those who claim to love you most

There is something missing inside of me...
A void as great as the open sea...
A pit so deep and dark and wide...
It's as if my soul has withered and died.

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Winter Rose

A winter rose
So fragile and fair
It's grace and beauty
Beyond compare

Standing strong
Against the cold winter winds
Never breaking
Never giving in.

You remind me so
Of that winter rose
Just a little as those cold winds blow

And like that rose
I shall cut you free
And keep you warm and safe with me

Keep you safe
Within my heart
Until those winter storm clouds part

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