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Dorianne Laux Poems

1. Vacation Sex 9/7/2015
2. Fast Gas 12/1/2015
3. Only As The Day Is Long 1/19/2016
4. Democracy 12/27/2017
5. Balance 12/27/2017
6. Dust 12/27/2017
7. Dust 12/27/2017
8. Enough Music 12/27/2017
9. Family Stories 12/27/2017
10. Fourth of July 12/27/2017
11. Heart 12/27/2017
12. Homecoming 12/27/2017
13. Life is Beautiful 12/27/2017
14. Men 12/27/2017
15. Mother's Day 12/27/2017
16. Ray at 14 12/27/2017
17. The Student 12/27/2017
18. To Kiss Frank... 12/27/2017
19. Nurse 12/27/2017
20. Under Stars 12/27/2017
21. Return 12/27/2017
22. Lake Havasu 12/27/2017
23. A Short History of the Apple 12/27/2017
24. What's Broken 12/27/2017

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What's Broken

The slate black sky. The middle step
of the back porch. And long ago

my mother's necklace, the beads
rolling north and south. Broken

the rose stem, water into drops, glass
knobs on the bedroom door. Last summer's

pot of parsley and mint, white roots
shooting like streamers through the cracks.

Years ago the cat's tail, the bird bath,
the car hood's rusted latch. Broken

little finger on my right hand at birth—
I was pulled out too fast. What hasn't

been rent, divided, split? Broken
the days into nights, the night sky

into ...

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Fast Gas

for Richard

Before the days of self service,
when you never had to pump your own gas,
I was the one who did it for you, the girl
who stepped out at the sound of a bell
with a blue rag in my hand, my hair pulled back
in a straight, unlovely ponytail.

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