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Keep Your Aim In Sight

He stood there with the force,
Of heavens strength around
Face of child, with true light,
Upon this rocky ground

How Many Knocks?

A moment of quiet, in this frozen house,
Breathe it in, while you can.
He's coming back at about 4: 05pm,
To punish, an innocent lamb.

Chocolates And Tears And Crazy Years

What about tonight I said?
The big box in the window
My mum is short on money again
I feel that it's a sin though

Two Beautiful Flowers

I saw you yesterday with that brave smile on your face, and it cut
I tried to look your way with a reassuring smile, but still it cut into me
Both of us now, you with the tears fought back, me with a heart that could so easily crack, as I saw you yesterday with that brave look upon your face

The Prayer Of St Francis Of Assisi

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace,
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;

* Children *

Every pulse of life
That melts into a heart
Brings forth a love that's true,
A Child's new birth

Farleigh Castle

Site manager, whom story fell
Of a beautiful castle of old
The stories she could tell
Of pain in life she'd hold

The Beech Tree

This beauty that stands before me
Unchallenged by the light of day
Or the four winds that surround her
For she has stood her own for so long

Kym's Fantastic Bombastic (Haiku's)

That monkey's swinging,
In the branches way up high,
Then he waves goodbye.

Emmy's (Senryus)

I went to the shop,
To buy some nice yellow paint,
For my living room.

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