Chocolates And Tears And Crazy Years Poem by duncan wyllie

Chocolates And Tears And Crazy Years

Rating: 4.1

What about tonight I said?
The big box in the window
My mum is short on money again
I feel that it's a sin though

We'll go tonight,
Stand outside shops
You’re on guard
Incase of cops

I burst through the door
Elderly couple, surprise
Fall from step what a blunder
Grab the box noise like thunder

Turn to see if couples gaining
Disbelief, faces remaining
Turn handle wrong way
Fight with it until I stray

Where's my school friend lookout
Half way up the hill
Wait for me I start to shout
Couple, still at till

We ran and ran, fools us both, up hill
Regret and relief set in
My Mothers Birthday tomorrow
Regret and relief turn to sorrow

Next morning I awake
To see mum eat evidence
How could you afford such a gift?
I feel it’s far from providence

Oh if I could turn back the clock
And tell that boy 'No Way'
Or teach about a conscience
That might keep him from going astray.

Brian Dorn 13 November 2006

An intriguing tale of moral dilema and internal conflict... it certainly makes you think? It may be looked back on with regret, but at the time, a loving (though illegal) gesture. Certainly forgivable, I'd say. Great write, Duncan! Brian

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Charles Garcia 14 February 2006

Great reminder of my youth. Especially Valentines day, as I used to raid Mom tripple decker box of Choclates that Dad used to buy her, than I would rearrange the remainder to show that nothing missing. until the box was low on treats than harder to disguise. Dad and Mom, long gone but never forgoten on Valentines Day. Charles Garcia

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Ivy Christou 12 February 2006

such a endearing poem.. not because you stole something but because you knew on your own that it was the wrong thing to do even if it was shown to be for a noble cause.. Well done! HBH

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Emma Johnson 12 February 2006

What breath-taking candour!

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Gina Onyemaechi 02 February 2006

Another 'not-a-single-glance-away' write. And I just love the title. Kind regards, Gina.

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Karen Sinclair 19 July 2012

gorgeous, made me see a Hovis lad sneaking through the shop door, a bitter sweet write tyvm...karen

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David Gerardino 17 February 2012

very good, dungan, i can see your words........................

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Andrew Blakemore 30 July 2009

A great write Duncan, a wonderful story containing a moral message. We all know that it's wrong to steal and yet this case is tempered by the fact that he did it out of love for his mother. Best wishes, Andrew

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Cindy Kreiner Sera 01 June 2009

A wonderful write Duncan - it was done for the right reason not self gain - you did pay a price - fear! Mum enjoyed her gift - I would forgive you

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Duh Huh 30 March 2009

I like your poem, when we are young, we make our mistakes even when we are old we make our mistakes, but at least when we are young we have an excuse lol. Your poem took me to when i was a child, my bro and i would get in trouble and he would stay away from my mom all day till she forgot, i would just go in and take my punishment so i could enjoy the rest of my day lol. :) very well done, thank you for sharing.

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