Farleigh Castle Poem by duncan wyllie

Farleigh Castle

Rating: 5.0

Site manager, whom story fell
Of a beautiful castle of old
The stories she could tell
Of pain in life she'd hold

Then one night when all alone
Into the chapel she crept
To pray now for, relief, her own
From pain in life she wept

As she knelt on cold stone floor
A hand touched her on the shoulder
She turned to see who was there
Who was it there to hold her?

But the customers, had all since gone
As did the crying and pain
A light now inside her truly shone
As she felt new hope again.

Dedicated to Barbara (Babs) she probably can't remember the Red Cross guy
Who listened to her wonderful story.Love Duncan

A. Michael Sears 11 March 2006

A wonderful story Duncan...I enjoyed your poem immensely. I had a moment like that...many, many years ago. Keep 'em comin'. ams

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Ernestine Northover 11 March 2006

A very healing poem Duncan, that inner light. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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Gina Onyemaechi 11 March 2006

A lifting write from a loving writer. And Dunc, you better believe you deserve the tribute I've given you. Warmest regards, Gina.

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Sandra Fowler 11 March 2006

A beautiful.lyrical tribute to a great human being. I was very touched by it. Warm regards, Sandra

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Uriah Hamilton 11 March 2006

Duncan, you're a very compassionate poet and person, thank you for both! !

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Andrew Blakemore 23 April 2009

A wonderful story brought to life by your magical pen. Well done Duncan. Best wishes, Andrew

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Patricia Gale 14 April 2006

Awonderful story with a touch. Patricia

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Emma Johnson 31 March 2006

We have a new type of poetry called Duncanian Gothic, Gothic of Love and Compassion. Susie.

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Sylvia Spencer 12 March 2006

Pure majic Duncan, This made me think of stories of old and folk tales. Ones that no one ever talks about today. A truely great write cheers Sylvie.

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Lawrence S. Pertillar 12 March 2006

It is with depth and empathy that one can reach within a pure heart that ignites compassion! You are 'aware' and emotionally 'connected' to self and therein lies your strength, Duncan! Not many can claim that achievement! I applaud you. L

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