The Beech Tree Poem by duncan wyllie

The Beech Tree

Rating: 4.5

This beauty that stands before me
Unchallenged by the light of day
Or the four winds that surround her
For she has stood her own for so long
Offered her strength and shelter
For so long,
Become part, yet set within the
Ever changing feilds of time
This beauty that stands before me
She has grown through the ages
Held secrets never to be told and
Yet her wisdom seems to seep through
Every heartfelt hue,
Roots set deep and spreading
Branches that stretchout like hands
A comforting sight for onlookers
Who smile as they

David Gerardino 17 February 2012

love the story...............................very good.

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Andrew Blakemore 20 February 2009

This is really beautiful Duncan, a terrific pastoral poem. Best wishes, Andrew

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Ernestine Northover 15 November 2008

One of my favourite trees Duncan, they are such a lovely sight as there leaves go copper. Delightful poem, and yes these trees could definitely tell some good stories. Loved it. love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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Joseph Daly 08 November 2008

I like this Duncan. Poetry should be spiritual and capture the essence of humanity. You do that well with this. What is great here is the line 'A comforting sight for onlookers' because it is the only indication of an outside force (or objectivity) . It is totally at odds with the rest of the poem which is concerned with description. Yet in that one line you give meaning to why the description. what is particularly good is that you do not seperate it from the flow of the poem and so it seems incidental and yet is essential to the whole piece, because others are also a part of us. Wonderful poem mate!

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