Edwin Owade Poems

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Life In Campus

When I was there,
She was after fame and he after femme fatale,
They rock and roll in a roller-coaster of love and titanic flare,
Fair to say she was on instagram and twitter looking for a perfect pal,

Vasco Da Gama Pillar

Gentle breeze of the coastal winds,
Wafting the forgotten,
From far, soothing whispers of lost reality,
With its melodious tunes of turbulent waves;

Ajur Nyar Amollo

You're a candle,
A burning candle,
A bright burning candle in this dreadfully silent night,
Illuminating our shattered dreams,

The Vanity Affair

Jeez! ! ! You look familiar, with a smile ear to ear,
OH my…, I must have seen you somewhere,
I am that guy on IG, I said without a dent of fear,
I mean I'm the real OG over there,