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Ehsan Ehsan Poems

1. Let Us Make A Review 3/17/2018
2. Shining Hair And Face 3/17/2018
3. A Virtuous Maid 3/17/2018
4. An Overseeing Power 3/18/2018
5. A Dream 3/18/2018
6. Our Destination 3/18/2018
7. Kind Wishes 3/18/2018
8. Please Be Patient 3/18/2018
9. A Shower Of Beauty 3/18/2018
10. I Fear You Innocent Devotion 3/19/2018
11. In The Bowers Of Your Gentle Looks 3/19/2018
12. My Crowded Days 3/20/2018
13. Time___The Great Master 3/20/2018
14. Global Reasoning Vs Extremism, Fanaticism, Terrorism 3/21/2018
15. Fear 3/21/2018
16. Beauty That Grows 3/21/2018
17. A Wise And A Shrewd Man 3/21/2018
18. A Sublime Soul 3/21/2018
19. A Silent Awe 3/21/2018
20. An Obscure Sojourn 3/21/2018
21. Man Inside Me 3/21/2018
22. But The Human Heart 3/22/2018
23. Great Men 3/22/2018
24. Deeds And Misdeeds 3/22/2018
25. Do Not Slight Off Man 3/22/2018
26. Every Person Is Fond Of 3/22/2018
27. I Am A Drone 3/22/2018
28. In The Canopy Of Light 3/23/2018
29. In Search Of Peace 3/23/2018
30. If You Wish To Make Your Day Sweet 3/23/2018
31. I Heave The Balmiest Sigh 3/23/2018
32. I Heave A Balmiest Sigh 3/23/2018
33. The Idle Tears 3/23/2018
34. In The Ambition Of 3/23/2018
35. In Our Forced Dreams 3/23/2018
36. Into Ahaze 3/8/2018
37. The Isolation Of My Heart 3/8/2018
38. Beauty And The Beautiful! 3/8/2018
39. Living In A Flicker 3/8/2018
40. Wilderness 3/8/2018

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A Man Of Rustic Woodland Air

A man who is born, nourished and grown
In a rustic woodland air
What does he know and why should he know
Of the national or international politics
He is mainly concerned with his labor
And the production which he has to make
To feed himself, his family and save something
Against the rainy days or drought
He has nothing to do with right or left wings
The Republicans or the Democrats
He has to share the joys and sorrows
Of the community and people living around
The education and health of his children
And the employment that ...

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The Words Are The Same

The words are the same
But their meanings are new
Their meanings have new directions
Their shapes are also differ rent
These meanings have new symbols
And the ever new and new secrets
These secrets are revealed to you
When you have the sense

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