Marieta Maglas Ekphrastic Poems

Irises, A Painting By Vincent Van Gogh (Ekphrastic Poetry)

There is an explosion of green life in the light,
This life extrapolates all its emerald green.
This life needs its eternity to be as tight
And as deep as needed her own son an ice queen.

Night Cafe-Van Gogh (Ekphrastic Poetry)

Van Gogh wantedto mix a material rainbow of colors
From primary red, yellow and blue in the sense of the divine.
In the Holy Light, the love theme of the flower clock discolors.
The empty glasses on the tables lack the Holy wine.

Suture (Complex Poem, Tanka And Ekphrastic Poetry)

My love is untouched.
I'm your Galatea, an
old statue caught in
two world edges being sewn


Blue eyes for love rose
hands to keep the rising dreams
of maternity.

Metamorphose (Ekphrastic Poetry)

Nude men and women
come to see the Eyes of God,
and they are baptized.

Rose (Ekphrastic Poetry)

Dressed in gold,
She's surrounded by blueness.
Her name is Rose.

Tristesse (Ekphrastic Poetry)

Dying roses enliven
the tristesse of the growing child.
Lightened life turns blue.

A Tattoo (Ekphrastic Poetry)