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What's Courage?

Here's a question thats always on the back of your mind
With an answer nearly impossible to find
What is courage?
People often mistake courage for bravery
Like sumone that looks like a celeberity
Bravery is having little or no fear
Like a dying person knowing the end is near
Courage is overcoming what makes you tremble and shiver
Like knowing you might die and still donating your liver
But courage wouldn't exist without fear
Like intoxication wouldn't exist without beer
So I guess now the REAL question is clear
Not What's Courage but What's Fear?


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Killer Memories

Memories are just a way to relive your failure
Its a torture
It's a haunting
That keeps taunting
And it will never be relieved
Until you begin to believe
That your memories
Are your worst enemies
Dat keeps reminding you your greatest regrets