Bijay Kant Dubey English Poems


If you peruse deeply, you will come toy our finding
That modern Indian English poetry initially began with
The stray poems and one books on the anvil
And they were not established writers, but were the beginners,

An Assessment Of Indian English Poetry

After so much so nagging and bragging,
We are reading it, going to make up our minds
As for to read the poetry written in English
By the Indians

Hey, in India,
The India of the mass
Diverse and varied,
Where the sun blazes hot

Indian English-Ii

Indian English is workable English,
Spoken after
With the efforts put in,

Indian English Poetry

Indian English poetry,
Indian not,
But Hindi, Bengali in English,
Punjabi, Haryanvi, Cchatishgarhi in English,

The call centre's English,
Life in cabins,
The disco jockey's English,
Talk I, dream I,

Do not tell me falsely about the poetry practitioners
From the northeast of India,
The rhymers, non-poets, poetasters and commoners
Made poets,

My English is very poor,
Frankly speaking, I am weak in
and even though speak I, pronounce I

An English Girl, So Beautiful And Lovely!

An English girl, so beautiful and lovely,
Standing before,
Let me, let me see her,
A girl golden and glistening,

Indian English Itself Is Not Indian

Indian English itself is not Indian
And we are calling ourselves
Indian English poets and poetesses,
First we need to be English

If you ask me to write my thesis, I shall choose
The topic,
Contemporary Indian English Poetry,
A Study In The Bluff-Masters,

His father had not been an Englishman,
Born in India,
One from Asia,
But he,

Mein Nadi Ke Kinare Khada Huya, Ek Bahut Chhoti-shi Nadi

Mein nadi ke kinare,
Ek cchoti-shi nadi ke kinare

Indian English Poetry: A Historical Perspective

Had Ram Mohan Roy not talked of reforms
With William Bentick,
Had Lord Macaulay not talked of minutes
Taking out of vernaculars,

What Is Indian English Poetry? (As Per Poets' Thematic Crux)

What is Indian English poetry?

Poetry if it is love for India and free discussion for Derozio, love dreams for Michael Madhusudan carried with the whiffs of an Englishman, romantic wisps and whiffs for Manmohan, yogic flashes and sadhna for Aurobindo together with the spirit of a rebel and a.cold logician having a flair for Latinized diction, the quest for identity and the theme of Indianness for Nissim, faded romanticism and mediocre flirts with it, physics and its light and darkness chapters together with the Big Bang theory for Jayanta, tragedies and tragic concepts for Daruwalla, man and woman in love in Khajuraho or Ajanta- Ellora figurines together with a study of Vatsyayana's Kamsuttra for Kamala and Shiv K.Kumar, dharma-artha-kama-moksha, a Rajneeshite shisya of the Rajneesh Ashrama, a modern girl desperate and distraught with materialism taking to the recourse of dharma-yoga, but the yogi there in the ashrama not a yogi, but a bhogi, a dhongi.

God, Save Me From Poets, Indian English Poets

God, save me, save me from the poets,
Indian English poets and poetesses,
Calling themselves Wyatt, Spenser, Chaucer,
Shakespeare, Milton, Donne, Marvell,

Say You Not About The Northeast Indian English Poets

If you have to say about the poetry
From the northeast,
Say you about Assamese, Naga, Mizo,
Sikkimese, Arunachali, Tripuri, Meghalayan

God, Save Me From Indian English Poets (Ii)

God, save me, save me from Indian English poets,
Indian Milton, Shakespeare, Spenser, Wyatt,
Indian Donne, Herbert, Marvell,
Indian Pope, Dryden, Johnson,

What An English, Facebookian, Twitterian!

What an English is it
That I am hearing it today,

Modern Indian English Poetry

Modern Indian English poetry of the modern age people,
New faces and voices
Beginning to write, struggling to make a way,
Parodying, emulating, copying, trying to perfect

Modern Indian English poetry represents it not
Indian thought, culture and philosophy,
Myth and mysticism,

Where you the missing man of Indian English poetry,
Appearing and vanishing out,
Appearing on the literary horizon
With Land’s End (1962) and Missing Person (1972)

D.H.Lawrence was not a yogi, but a bhogi,
The sadhu in the ashrama
With the ladki and the ganja
And the chillum,

Indian English Drama

Indian English drama,
Cinderella syndrome,
Shakuntala parting in foreign,
In Germany and England

The modern poets of Indian English poetry started
To be famous from the very beginning
When they started to bring out their first collections of poems
And in course of time, they just tried to evolve

Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning to everybody,
One saying it to another,

Indian English poet and poetess
While meeting them during a seminar on
Or in the poetic conference,
It took me by surprise

None but I myself calling myself a poet,
None but I,
I praising you
And you me.

My friend, how are you
And with this the Alsatian dog
Ogling, growling,

For An Indian English Poet, A White Beloved (Haiku)

The Pre-1947 Period Of Indian English Poetry

Where are they, where their books to be found,
On which dusty shelf or rack of the library,
Where those collections of yellow and pale pages,
Where those poets,

Indian English Poetry & The Sense Of Modernity

They were not modern,
But we made them modern
As per the English and American poets
Of the modern age,

Modern contemporary Indian English poetesses
Super mod, modernistic, hi-fi urban
Fashionistas and socialites,
Doing do goodies,

An Angrez Girl Want I To Be An English Poet

Ek angrez ladki chahiye
Angrezi ke kavi banane ke liye,
Nahi chalega
Deshi ladaki ke shang.

The Missing Man Of Indian English Poetry, Adil Jussawalla

A poet of the missing man,
Adil Jussawalla himself is the missing person
Of Indian English poetry,
The Parsi man and poet

Those who have just begun to write
Are also calling themselves poets and poetesses
And this embarrasses us most,
Baffles us most.

Today's Contemporary Indian English Poets

They know it well
As how to highlight their own poetry,
Not the poetry of others
And even if they,

Globalization And Its Impact On Indian English Poetry

Globalization and its impact on Indian English poetry,
How to negate it,
India going colonial, post-colonial,
Modern and modernistic

His father had not been an Englishman,
But he is calling himself,
Giving the pose of,
An Indian English poet not,

A modern city girl
Calling herself
A Sufiana Indian English poetess,
A Muslim Radha burning

The modern ladies often after name and fame
Can be seen strutting and walking on tip-toe
With the vanity bag hanging and slinging,
In the best possible make-up and the dress-up,

His English is British English, American English,
But mine is Indian English,
His is King's Standard, Queen's Standard,
Impeccable English,

Indian English Poetry Is Indian's Foreigner English

Though there is nothing like Indian English,
Pakistani English, Sinhalese English,
But instead of it call we
To write in English

A Young Girl Who Is Just An M.Phil. In English Too Is A Poet

A young girl
Who has done her M.Phil. just now
Too is turning into a poetess
Of Indian English poetry

An Indian English Ph.D. Thesis On Modern Poetry

An Indian English poetry Ph.D. thesis
On modern poets
Appears to be a loose subject,
Inflexional, derivational,

English Culture Cannot Be Multi-Culti

English culture is English,
Typically British, American,
European and Christian,
Let it be British,

Indian English verse, though we call it English,
But is not,
Sans Englishness
Is Indian verse in English,

For spoken English, in order to perfect it,
I exploring all the possibilities,
Trying to speak with
My domestic maid,

A Reading Of Modern Indian English Poetry

There were of course many good teachers of the English language
But they dared not use it
As for taking to be an alien language,
One can be a scholar of one’s own mother tongue,


Poets, poets,
All poets here,
Indian English poetry,
A study in first poem writers,

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