Eric Walsh

Eric Walsh Poems

1. Boyfriends 4/8/2012
2. Good Bye 1/22/2017
3. First Kiss 1/22/2017
4. Deep Breath 1/22/2017
5. Peace At Night 1/22/2017
6. Here And Now 1/22/2017
7. Party 1/22/2017
8. Iron Armor 1/22/2017
9. Lost In Fields 1/22/2017
10. Unspoken Dremas 1/22/2017
11. Jealousy 1/22/2017
12. Change Is Upon Us 1/22/2017
13. Freefall Sympthony 1/22/2017
14. Rush Street Memory 1/22/2017
15. Key To Trust 1/22/2017
16. Windy City 1/23/2017
17. I Call Her Depression 1/23/2017
18. Beach In My Head 1/23/2017
19. Break The Limit 1/23/2017
20. High Stakes 1/23/2017
21. Makeshift Memory 1/23/2017
22. Haunting Horrors 1/23/2017
23. Valentine 1/23/2017
24. Just A Man 1/23/2017
25. I've Already Found Her 1/23/2017
26. Wishing 1/23/2017
27. Insanity 1/23/2017
28. Insanity Again 1/23/2017
29. Don't Hurry 1/23/2017
30. Tell Me This 1/23/2017
31. Forever Here 1/23/2017
32. Just One More 1/23/2017
33. To Fly 1/23/2017
34. Other Half 1/23/2017
35. Fell 2/12/2017
36. Crush 2/12/2017
37. Fixed Up 2/12/2017
38. Mundane 2/12/2017
39. Before I Loved You 2/12/2017
40. Whats The Rush 2/12/2017

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The Start

We go together better than peanut butter and jelly. Better than green eggs and ham.when people see us together they say damn, thats the cutest couple I've ever seen, no one better intervene. When they grow up they'll live like king and queen. They call me charlie sheen because im addicted to your love. You're like the smoke to my high, I never want to say goodbye. You can call me honest abe, because to you id never lie. Like kesha said your love is my drug. You fit in my arms so snug. I want to lay in bed with you. lay your head softly on my chest, because that feeling is the best. when you're...

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First Kiss

That first kiss will never get old I think about it when I'm cold
It could shelter me from any storm
And never fails to keep me warm
When you hold my hand it's as if I can't breathe
Like I'm on the verge about to sneeze
I wish it could last forever as we lie together
Under the covers as we snuggle I feel like a warrior who has received a medal
To whom it may concern I love you the most

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