32 Degrees Poem by Meredith B.

32 Degrees

Rating: 4.8

Just before the first snow comes,
The lake nearby is overcome
An icy shield is spread around,
Those underneath are safe and sound.

A peaceful silence, so serene
Life still there but now unseen.
All around a blazing white
A wonderful result of the freezing night.

The last bird left a while ago,
Covered are all things that grow.
Gone are all the buzzing bees
Sleeping in 32 degrees.

Charlotte M. 01 December 2022

This is such a great poem! It just flows so easily!

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Jayne Louise Davies 10 December 2022

Love this! Thank for sharing.

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Bri Edwards 10 December 2022

Though no birds may be apparent, there may be 'winter birds', some of which have descended from 'the North', e.g. Snowy Owls, Redpolls, and Snow Buntings, ...or at least their used to be. bri ;)

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Bri Edwards 10 December 2022

I LOVE the poem, its theme, rhyming, & flow. I give stars; did I mention already?

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Bri Edwards 10 December 2022

'Those underneath are safe and sound.' ...'safe', except maybe from 'ice fishermen (or is it now 'ice fisherpersons'?) , and predator fish.

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Chinedu Dike 04 December 2022

A beautiful piece with vivid imagery

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