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in the grey sky-sea
a thunder spear
flashes, splitting
the sky in pieces


lady spring, no!
go back please!
it's witlessly unreasonable
lady spring, no!

strangely unsophisticated
like a sparrow

at dusk, it kicked off

fisting in the fat face of sky,
rumbling, roaring, raging, grumbling, lashing

walking in dawn
after a frosty night
the meadow
heron grey

sky pomegranate
(an ode for the snowless winter)

it used to be

sailing waves
into deep sleep
fish can greet the sky again

look! another cold spring night is past
grass drops its frosty mantle,
but, people are still locked up

breath of spring
i can hear
in a magpie's song
i can see

blonde beast
what can i name it

red onion
perfectly congruous
with this rainless spring
while blossoms fade

outskirt of time
is today a new day? i thought yesterday,
i opened the curtains. outside, grey, cold.

morning glory
a shining dew
wouldn't be
caught for long

chattering teeth

here the scorching sun rolling and rolling
day and night,


on the shore of clouds
they're waiting
before the big abruption

riding on turtle
naively i was wishing
riding to school on a turtle
being a little god, colouring

bairro alto*
as it is
i know it
looks shy

of my leaves
once decorated

elusive summer
sitting on a hay bale
a crow
saying goodbye to the elusive summer

a world beyond words
poetry has its colours to show
ambiguity and hilarity to share
she said:

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Fraidoon Warasta based in Amsterdam, a graduate of the Willem de Kooning Academy of Rotterdam is a painter, illustrator, calligrapher and writes poetry on Nature and everyday Life.)

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The Birch Bright

in the grey sky-sea
a thunder spear
flashes, splitting
the sky in pieces

the clouds
on the horizon
stitch the sky
to the earth

in the dark saturated
forest, among tall trees
a bright birch
stands its ground

the birch bright
without intention
sparkles day and night
draws no attention

the birch bright
floats its own way
without obstructing
the path of other trees

the birch bright
doesn't sway with
every wind
like other trees

the birch bright
sweeps the grief
from the sky while
other trees sleep

it goes with the flow
will not oppose
nor conform
to the rules of others

the birch bright
has no particular
concept, for it is
rooted in the sky

i still remember
the breath of it
waking me up
by the yawning dawn

in the dark sky-sea
a thunder spear
strikes the saturated
dark forest in a flash

i smell a familiar smoke
in the meadow of night
a breath
a broken light

fraidoon warasta
23 january 2020

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