The Birch Bright Poem by fraidoon warasta

The Birch Bright

Rating: 5.0

in the grey sky-sea
a thunder spear
flashes, splitting
the sky in pieces

the clouds
on the horizon
stitch the sky
to the earth

in the dark saturated
forest, among tall trees
a bright birch
stands its ground

the birch bright
without intention
sparkles day and night
draws no attention

the birch bright
floats its own way
without obstructing
the path of other trees

the birch bright
doesn't sway with
every wind
like other trees

the birch bright
sweeps the grief
from the sky while
other trees sleep

it goes with the flow
will not oppose
nor conform
to the rules of others

the birch bright
has no particular
concept, for it is
rooted in the sky

i still remember
the breath of it
waking me up
by the yawning dawn

in the dark sky-sea
a thunder spear
strikes the saturated
dark forest in a flash

i smell a familiar smoke
in the meadow of night
a breath
a broken light

fraidoon warasta
23 january 2020

The Birch Bright
Kumarmani Mahakul 23 June 2021

The photograph is extremely beautiful. Poem flows with smooth perception. We feel thunder and clouds. A great poem smiles with full stars. An excellent sharing is done.

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fraidoon warasta 18 April 2022

thanks! we do our best!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 22 June 2021

1) mesmerizing poetic prose poem about a tree, our dear tree, the bright birch.5 Stars full for this scintillating creation and to my Favourites! I have enjoyed a very lot

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fraidoon warasta 18 April 2022

thanks dear Sylvia. kind of you!

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