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Rückert was born at Schweinfurt, the eldest son of a lawyer. He was educated at the gymnasium of his native place and at the universities of Würzburg and Heidelberg. For some time (1816-1817) he worked on the editorial staff of the Morgenblatt at Stuttgart. Nearly the whole of the year 1818 he spent in Rome, and afterwards he lived for several yea ...

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John Kyff 08 December 2019

Looking for info on my family. John Irmischer Sietz Kyff and the Friedrich Rückert's ballad of 1817. DMjohnkyffoutlook

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The Best Poem Of Friedrich Rückert


My dearest stands before me in my thoughts,
how pretty, oh how fair!
so that my senses are dazed, unhinged;
how pretty, how fair!
She smiled at me with her face
so lovely, o so lovely,
so that those radiant beams vibrated through my heart,
how pretty, how fair!

The brightness of her rosy cheeks
beckons me to take pleasure,
and her wavy tresses stream down darkly,
how pretty, o how fair!
How lovely are her narcissus-eyes
when they awaken in dew,
and when they droop intoxicated into slumber,
how pretty, how fair, oh how fair!

The palm-trees from Eden, that in dreams
I have long sought for,
I have found in her slender figure,
oh how fair!
The source of life, for which I thirsted,
refreshed me
when my lips drank from yours,
how pretty, how fair!

The hopes of my spirit, the fancies of my soul,
your dream, Fantasy,
is now walking about in corporeal form,
how pretty, how fair!
The flowers of Spring, the stars of the sky -
you bring them in a wreath
you have made for me. How can I thank you?
How fair, how pretty, oh how fair!

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Friedrich Rückert Popularity

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