Fritzner Erauda

Rookie (February 10th,1990)

Fritzner Erauda Poems

1. Sihouette 12/12/2008
2. Let Me 12/12/2008
3. Turning Leaves 12/12/2008
4. Unforgotten 12/12/2008
5. Inscribed 12/12/2008
6. Angel Behind A Window 12/12/2008
7. Darkness 12/12/2008
8. He's Saved 12/12/2008
9. We Sing History 12/12/2008
10. Silent Platform 12/12/2008
11. A New End Of The Year 12/12/2008
12. Lost In The Mist 12/12/2008
13. Holocaust 12/12/2008
14. Love Scene 12/12/2008
15. Two Kids, Two Lives 12/12/2008
16. Painful Laughter 12/12/2008
17. See Through My Eyes 12/12/2008
18. Distant Memories 12/12/2008
19. Illusion 12/12/2008
20. The Little Falcon 12/12/2008
21. A Place Called 'The Past' 12/12/2008
22. Tell Me What To Do 12/12/2008
23. Red Obsession 12/12/2008
24. Restless Tonight 12/12/2008
25. Sore 12/12/2008
26. My Only One 12/12/2008
27. Be My Escape 12/12/2008
28. Moon Shining For You 12/12/2008
29. Radiant Smile 12/12/2008
30. Welcome Home Wanderer 12/12/2008
31. The Radiant Warmth Of A Sunny Smile 12/12/2008
32. Bleeding 12/12/2008
33. Bloody Tears 12/12/2008
34. Past, Present, And Future? 12/12/2008
35. Gentle Breeze 12/12/2008
36. Untitled Iii 12/12/2008
37. Untitled Ii 12/12/2008
38. Untitled I 12/12/2008
39. Rewind 'Till Eternity 12/12/2008
40. Fragile Heart 12/12/2008

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I Made A Mistake

I went to my study room to read a book,
I made a mistake… and began to cook.

I went to my room and listen to some rap
I made a mistake… and started to hop.

I went to the closet to pick out a tie
I made a mistake… and discovered a spy.

I went to the mall to steal a shirt,
I made a mistake… and started to flirt.

I went outside to play some ball,
I made a mistake… and I crashed onto the wall.

I went to my friend’s to do something crude,
I made a mistake… and he got sued.

I went to school to learn some math,
I made a mistake… and ...

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You took me by the hand and we danced beneath the moonlight
Gentle Stardust capturing the colour of your hair
And the swirling in music of the heavens pushed us onward
As we danced away the night time unrepentant, unaware

The ticking of the seconds swiftly turned into a minute
And the minutes into hours and the hours into days
And yet, in one single heartbeat I remain forever captured
And enraptured by the beauty that has set my heart ablaze

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