Fubara Benstowe Poems

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Tears In My Heart

You made me believe it was okay.
You made me feel accepted.
As my ego slide down through my feet
To say i am sorry

End Of My Thickest Dark

I stood so weak and helpless
To see my sea runs dry
Like fishes stab with sickles and spears
offered holy baptism of hottest oils

Netted Love

O! This love like nets
Cast deep to rest
In harsh and still rivers
Rivers like pools

Petals Of Flamboyant

Oh! Princess of my extreme paradise
Petals of flamboyant
Nectars in your flowers will never fade away
As they will drip down the pores of my heavy chest

Sweet Tomorrow

Beautiful are the pictures of sweet tomorrows
Beautiful are the future we hope to see
Beautiful are all sweet and tender

A Man's Sweat

Dripping and oozing
They ooze like tears from a broken heart,
Flowing like tidal waves
along its course

Fury Of The Harmattan

Quivering and quivering
We quiver in our chilly beds
Like a sodium in a fresh water vessel
The comfort of night is drowned

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