Netted Love Poem by Fubara Benstowe

Netted Love

Rating: 4.5

O! This love like nets
Cast deep to rest
In harsh and still rivers
Rivers like pools
Pools of many hearts,
Hearts like fishes
Fishes in the rivers.

They swim to left and right
They swim all nooks and crannies
Hardly would they know
Whose nets they will fall in
Until the day is come
Until the nets are lifted
All fishes know their path.

All human comes and go
All humans lives and grow
Hardly would one know
Whose love he will fall in
Until the day is come
Until the heart finds it’s key
All humans find their loves.

Love like a net
Patience is the word.


Love is such a unique experience; it is both thrilling and filling. You have depicted the the diffrent twists and turns of finding love very well. Thanks for sharing!

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Ellen Ni Bheachain 01 May 2020

So poetic and so true. You should keep writing.

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Ellen Ni Bheachain 08 February 2011

Lovely poem. Shows your talent for fishing and to compare the net to that, that shelters and covers love is lovely. Very poetic and well written,

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Pranab K Chakraborty 08 February 2011

Anyway, you have written a new is a net....I feel love from different uspect. To me, love is a way to reach the oceanic soul, where all fishing ends its utility. Love is the highest reach of mankind where all the material nets transformed into refraction of eternal light.....Good poem yet. Write more. Thank you........10 Regards, pranab

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Mohammad Akmal Nazir 07 February 2011

Wonderfully written. Good use of talent. I liked it very much. Keep writing dear.

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Juan Olivarez 07 February 2011

Once again a wonderful poem that can be understood by all, you are a unique talent.

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Fubara Benstowe

Fubara Benstowe

Bonny Island, Rivers State Nigeria
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