Sweet Tomorrow Poem by Fubara Benstowe

Sweet Tomorrow

Rating: 4.0

Beautiful are the pictures of sweet tomorrows
Beautiful are the future we hope to see
Beautiful are all sweet and tender

But like a dice in a players cup
Sweet tomorrow wrestles with fear
On what the future holds.

No doubt things are wearing apart
And it seems the mighty sun
Has been replaced for a mere lamp
And the mild breeze which cools our tender skin
Seems to blow dust to our brains
Yet we beckon our souls to answer again and again.

Motherly care were the sweetest touch any child could get
And the sweet frantic lullaby that accompanies our dreams
But now, we have abandoned our shepherds
For an adulthood of liberty
An adulthood of errands

Father would wash his hands on clean soapy water
And mother would cry
If sweet tomorrow will still come by

But if only we can filter the past to make amends
Then we can be sure to lick the candy of sweet tomorrow.

Ellen Ni Bheachain 01 May 2020

What a lovely poem of your love of your Mother.

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Juan Olivarez 07 February 2011

I wish to tell you that you are an excellent poet for one so young. Your mastery of the English language is superb, and your words make sense as they should. Keep up the excellent work and may God bless you always.

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Fubara Benstowe

Fubara Benstowe

Bonny Island, Rivers State Nigeria
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