A Man's Sweat Poem by Fubara Benstowe

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Fubara Benstowe

Fubara Benstowe

Bonny Island, Rivers State Nigeria

A Man's Sweat

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Dripping and oozing
They ooze like tears from a broken heart,
Flowing like tidal waves
along its course
But pour and wash away stains
From the tiny branchless trees of the skin,
Like dews from the morning sky, they drip
Every toss on the soil
The earth bears it all.

O! mental sweat shed from inside,
When the head does the task,
The brain bears your pores
And feels you when you drip
Like moist on a morning leave,
Eyes would glare from pages to pages
Till hair turns gray
Pens would speak from letter to letters
Like poet's pen in the high flow of thoughts.

O! warm sweat sheds from outside
When the hands does the work
You appease the earth
To send her daily breads,
When hands tills the soil
You drip gently
Like an olive oil at the brethren face,
Masculine aroma is brought to fragrance earth
The earth that bears our golds and makes us live
Work hard, work strong
Every sweat dropp chases no rainbow.

Even through the steepy bend, they drip
Through fire, through stress,
Through summer, through chaos.

Only when earth sucks our blood
And makes us still
Only then will sweat come no more.

Ellen Ni Bheachain 01 May 2020

What a heart written poem of your toils of work. Yet, your faith shines through on all your works.

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powerful perspective!

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Fubara Benstowe

Fubara Benstowe

Bonny Island, Rivers State Nigeria
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