Geetha Jayakumar Poems

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A Beautiful Mask Of Smile!

Who has not crossed the bridge of emotions?
Which keeps on flickering?
Day and night like the beautiful stars
Twinkling in the sky,

I Am Not A Poet Yet!

I am not a poet yet....
Nor I am inborn poet.
Nor with any special talent driving me to be a poet.
Just picked few words of dew drops

When Love Speaks!

The first showers of rain when it sprays on the earth
As if the earth eagerly waiting to quench its thirst
It Spread the aroma of love all around
Which Knocked my heart and felt as if new love was born.

Untold Words!

Your every untold words spoke of love.
Your visuals spoke of love in silence.
I felt each words poured from your heart.
I can feel your presence somewhere nearby.

A Breeze Of Loneliness!

While walking through the fields
Along with you on no moon night
I never knew
I would be traveling all alone

How Can A Flower Of Peace Die?

A beautiful flower of peace shone bright
Along with the morning sun rise full of light
But a naughty bee came to sting the flower
As jealousy crept in its eyes

The Real Of Me!

Often I portray myself as bright and cheerful,
For it's my art of sketching me bold and beautiful.

While drawing a sketch I hide all my dark colors and

Ripples Of Life As I Perceive! !

'Life cannot be without any ripples
Ripples may not be without breeze
Breeze may not be without trees
Trees cannot be without soil

Ink Of Rosiness! (3 Languages)

Ink Of Rosiness!

Travelers of unknown time
Walked several steps with rhyme

You Nearly Killed Me Neelu!

You entered in my life,
As a soft spoken person,
With fantastic poems.
Slowly and slowly,

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