Dali Professes His Love Poem by George Murdock

Dali Professes His Love

Rating: 4.9

I must climb you like a spine
revel in you like a yodeler in a cave
devote a continent to you
have no conscience about driving
natives from your land
I must erect a statue to you
or an obsidian obelisk polished
till the sun can’t shine on you
and clouds are unable to
obscure your magnificence
I want to curl across you
As if you were a frozen pond
and I were a curling stone
I will ride upon you
like Captain Ahab
lashed to your side with flotsam
and ragged sails
and beckon you with my dead arm
I will sing to you
with a voice like the sirens
drowning in your pillars
I must ignite a charge of trinitrotoluene
to announce your arrival
roll out a thousand feet
of a slave made rug
before introducing you
as my Gala

***** ********* 13 December 2005

I love Dali, I have a collection! of his postcards! lol Your poem is a wonderful expression of what may have been his love. I wish someone, somewhere would honor me like that! Is this an error, 'knurling' I wonder? 10 from art lover Tai

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John Kay 13 December 2005

Very nice angle to approach love from.

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Patti Masterman 16 August 2009

If Dali had written instead, surely it would have been exactly this way.

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Anjali Sinha 02 August 2009

surrealistic imagery and fine crafting a tenner from me anjali

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tom mc quade 18 April 2009

..i can imagine dali himself.twisting his mustache, enjoying this poem..nice tribute george! :)

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Sue Ann Simar 31 October 2006

Wonderful imagery-unconventional and original: 'I want to curl across you/as if you were a frozen pond/and I were a curling stone'; 'a thousand feet of a slave made rug'. Each image has that grand and glacial quality of Gala in the Dali artworks. Thanks for the wake-up read of the day. I'm adding this to favorites.

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Joseph Daly 13 December 2005

Someone highlighted the importance of a title, and I am glad thaat they did, because this title caught my eye. This is a fantastic work George full of surrealist imagery. each line is crafted to a high degree.

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