gina layog Poems

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***s.S.H.***#2 Fearsome Haiku

fear controls, great terror,
attack its core, like a mirror,
and free your soul....

***s.S.H.***4 Forces

the true earth feeds me,
the pure air breathes me,
the gentle water heals me,
the real sun sustains me,

*****ssh ****** Kinds Of Freedom

Freedom means
Unbind these chains,
Freedom sings,
To choose as well...

***s.S.H***#1 Undulating Sorrow

sorrows kept you moored,
in distant shores,
unburdened to me, your woes,
darling...please come home.....

***s.S.H.***#3 Butterflies

metamorphosis of flight,
hormones' real might....

***********ssh #6 Letting Go To Grew*********

I need to leave,
save face, for the good of the team
Its what's best for us, give us growth,
learn to let go..........

My Vulnerability.....

I look at you, and thought of what we would have had,
but trust me, you wouldn't want me,
after all that I went through,
I can see the vain in your eyes,

Life's Twist

time fast approaching,
it dawn on me suddenly,
the pendulum of reality,
swinging into the inevitability,

About Myself

If I were to write something about myself, words fail to describe,
my true essence, its true character, its wit and its form,
Melodious like poetry, non the norm, such as an artist would cast
himself as the subject and to the world bare his soul, it takes courage,

Fashioned Heart

Fashioned me a heart, where do I start?
passionately create this rare work of art,
one that's made of gold,
doesn't corrodes as it grows old,

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