My Vulnerability..... Poem by gina layog

My Vulnerability.....

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I look at you, and thought of what we would have had,
but trust me, you wouldn't want me,
after all that I went through,
I can see the vain in your eyes,
It worms through you,
I just don't understand,
Among all these beautiful, young women,
Why me, per chance?
I didn't chase you around,
I wandered, and Lo, me you found,
You spoke to me through your eyes,
made me think twice,
I was living a monk's life,
my husband wasn't safisfied,
married, yet completely adrift,
through the years, dying and drying in shifts,
For a while, till you came along,
I'm not so sure anymore,
You saw my vulnerability,
read my desperate frailty,
somehow, you inspire me to write poetry,
somehow, the words began to form,
inside this heart that felt forlorn
maybe, this is just your gift to me,
I may not have you, or the life that we might be,
made me feel the pain, wounded me deeply,
but you made me feel, made me live,
made the very essence of things come alive,
those I thought I loss, yes, I felt the pain,
but it doesn't matter, because for this,
I live...hope to love matter what.....

Raj Arumugam 22 April 2009

a strong poem with real depth of feeling, Gina...Moving...

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Gabby Chamberland 16 April 2009

i think your poetry is beautiful!

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Tina Marie Clark 15 April 2009

Beautiful Simply Beautiful! True Poet You Are! ! !

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Mel Vincent Basconcillo 15 April 2009

wow u are so touching.. u deserve better! u are as lovely as a rose my friend.. u r truly immaculate.. lovely write

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