About Myself Poem by gina layog

About Myself

If I were to write something about myself, words fail to describe,
my true essence, its true character, its wit and its form,
Melodious like poetry, non the norm, such as an artist would cast
himself as the subject and to the world bare his soul, it takes courage,
it takes BALLS, to fire up and open those deep secret holes, with each
brushstrokes, he makes, it takes, a part of him flows to his canvass, to
the masterpiece he creates, he shares his vision, his inspirations, his
hopes and his dreams, like water flowing down the stream. May this site be a canvass and upon it I drew, a window of my world for you to view, it carries in it my hopes and dreams, it has my vision that I bring, and the music that I sing, Ideals that color my world, blasting off in extreme. It tells the depth of how I feel, my delightful feathered pets I nutured, water, air and sky and good natured. My friends that care, drew a circle around my heart to wear. As I evolved and grew, this is my life, compiled to inspire, prescribed and transcribed for you..Gina layog

Ivor Hogg 09 November 2010

It takes a lifetime to know yourself well enough to accept you are as you are.

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Stephen Stirk 25 March 2009

This is a beautifully descriptive piece Gina. Thanks for sharing so much Steve

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 03 March 2009

Beautiful description of your innerself and feelings. I wish you all the best here with all your dreams, desires and colors to be painted. You have a beautiful soul, Gina. Naseer

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