Just A Wish Poem by Hannington Mumo

Just A Wish

Rating: 5.0

Africa has had a four-year dance
Upon the pedestal of fame;
That little boy with a funny name,
Barack Hussein Obama the darling of chance
Has brought glory to a derided soil.

Had I a say in the heavenly councils;
A voice among the celestial consuls,
I would turn and twist both fortune and fate
And give that blessed tongue a landside triumph in every state!

Were I the omnipotent son of God
Dwelling in that magnificent city of gold,
I would open every American eye,
So that it may see with a sigh
The gift bestowed upon that fruit of a Kenyan loin;
And in his genuine cause I would all and sundry join!

Were I the merciful Ruler of the Universe,
I would with all minds converse;
I would both convince and enthuse
Upon all mortals the luck they refuse!

But since I'm a powerless being known by none,
Mine shall remain a wish at best;
That the will of heavens may be done,
Praying with a pleading tongue before the Mercy Seat!

Rajendran Muthiah 08 February 2012

Your wish would be fulfilled! Wonderful poem!

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Dave Walker 08 February 2012

A really powerful poem, really like it. A great write. May i invite you to read my new poem called, Time Machine.

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