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you won't see it in my eyes
but this is how i feel inside

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American Revolution

We are fighting for a purpose,
Fighting for what we believe.
Establishing a country,
As the sun sets every eve.

We are but naïve pioneers,
Trying the best we can.
The odds are strongly against us,
So please lend us every man.

Innocent men we all are,
But that will soon be lost.
Many young men will be gone,
For that’s what our country will cost.

This Revolution is never-ending,
We all yearn to be free.
But I lost my son last night,
He died fighting next to me.

I watch the setting sun,
Emotions compel my wife.
Tears roll down our sulken cheeks,
This war has caused us strife.

She falls to her knees,
He was only a fawn.
She raises a rifle,
And then she is gone.

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Heather Ashley Popularity

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