Instalasi Sastra Poems

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What love is, but an error,
Contagious in two egotistic mind,
Rising a malicious terror
For a veiling intention that unkind?

For Love And Dignity

Not wrong,
To have no dignity;
As long,
Have thee in affection and amity;


Beauty is a heavenic boon,
Stretch in tin line between vice and virtue;
Beauty unlasting and will end soon,
Fade in time and lost its final hue.

Is There Any Different?

Friend or foe, it makes no different now,
When mortality embraced us;
Our fallen souls like snow,
An eternity graced in dust.

To Rotted The Unholy Orchids [carrion Love Notes]

Hear me! My first name is rotten,
My second name is orchids;
Can thou see my face moistened,
Of lusterless crimson gore lurid.

Sense Of Guilty

Strange, I saw thee standing in the pouring rain,
So quiet as the rain mingle with thy tears;
Untouch by breezing cold that veil in pain,
No expression yet eloquent, indeed without fears.

The Essence Of C.L.N & The R.O.F

Dark and gloomy,
Weird and scary;
I’m probably a little bit crazy,
Cause I’m not an angel or a fairy.

To A Lady Prejudice

A lady named prejudice,
What an unsincere fault;
The biggest dose in family vices,
Lurk in a hideous and haunted vault.

To Twine An Apologetic Blossom

When a boy meets a girl?
When the boy whim is over reacting?
When the girl probably feels nothing?
When the boy do something he thought is good?

An Apologetic Bloom

To my dear sweetest contemporaries,
My guilt to thee beyond words;
When thou see my whim varies,
A sweetest boon given by our lord.

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