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I feel so lost to this world
There's no joy left in me
I have spent my whole life
Desperately searching

My beauty seems no longer there
My youth doth fade away
But now my beauty shines within
And grows each passing day

When people learn to let go of ego
Then there is nothing left..

Nothing left to be cursed

Reaching out a helping hand
Is an easy thing to do

When giving help to those in need

The moon
How it beckons
In the stillness of the night

My love transcends this earthly plane
Not only is it the source of my being
But it is the essence of my very souI
My love is infinite

When morning dawns
And darkness ends
All fresh and new
Each day begins

When going through the change of life
Who knew that it could cause such strife?

Emotions running up and down

Your Love it warms me like the sun
You light my darkness like the moon and stars
You are my true and only one
You mean the world to me


The world's wrapped up in politics and loves big finance too
I find it quite depressing in large quantities, it's true
It's good to have the knowledge, and to know what's going on
But when it starts to rule the world, then everything goes wrong

Too many misunderstandings
Can never see eye to eye
Always seem to evoke bad reactions
And negative based replies

To suckle from the breast
Is so much more
Than nourishment for the body

There once was a cow who lived out in the yard
And a cat who lived up in the tree
The cow roams around
The cat won't come down

Throughout all time to come
My love for you will linger
Like dewdrops on the petal
in the early morning light

There was a moonfaced hillbilly gal
Who loved moonshine, and wanted it now
She lit out in them hills
To find ole pappy's still

Overloaded with emotions
And they're wearing me down
I feel like the carnival
Has come to town..

I feel so lost to this world

There's no joy left in me

I've spent my whole life searching

For the things not meant to be

As he lay dying
In his hospital bed
We knelt beside, crying
Many things, never said....

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Wife, mother, on a farm in the Ozarks... love poetry, music, sewing, gardening, homesteading, farm critters, life)

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I feel so lost to this world
There's no joy left in me
I have spent my whole life
Desperately searching
For something that was not there
Searching for a dream
That does not exist

My time has now past
All hope is gone...lost
Happiness eludes me
Grief exudes from me
There is nothing left inside
I am just this empty shell
All these long years
Ive been so busy searching
That I simply forgot to live

And now that I am old
And my last days on earth are near
I know this thing I'm searching for
Has always been right here

It lives inside of me
But I've been too blind to see
Is this life's grand illusion
Or just my sad conclusion

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 15 September 2013

A gratitude to Sandra Ozark Mountain Homegrown A poetess of Ozark region her name SANDRA, poet/poetess his/her art conceptualisation is an inborn quality it is not acquired as we generally say acquired what we see around us society is the contrast of the mind other wise it is in borne So the case with Sandra She writes with heart with the tinge of life she is the future of this PH God Bless You Sandra

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