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Dear mother,
just now I realized
that man's stay on earth
is but limited

More often than not; so much often than not,
We talk about heaven; we imagine heaven,
We pray and wish; to go to heaven,
Yet funnily enough; we don't want to die,

My grandmother, she's so old
has no teeth
poor grandmother, once the village beauty
can hardly see

A man came to me
said he had something to say
and me being me
said he had the whole day

You groomed me and loved me
You cautioned me and wanted me
You fed me and cared for me
There's really noone like you.

What makes our lives different;
Is the way we think,
And the way our destinies are laid for us.
Not all our thoughts are different;

Everything is a trial
Even including your desires
You always have to chose
You don't have a choice.

A friend is a gift
sometimes give you a fit,
but a gift of nature
and a part of your future.

To whom it may concern;
Am sorry,
for leaving in a hurry
i hate to leave so

I am proud and proud indeed
i shall not propound cause am strongly bound,
to say it loud and let it sound
even as i drown and am down.

I asked
they told me
told me it is the most beautiful thing in the world
told me it has the power to move mountains

All the world's asleep
but i lay awake
fantasizing to pass the time
in my mind

Isatou Juwara Biography

I'm just a simple girl from west africa who loves to read and write.I enjoy poetry and prose.I don't mind being friends with anyone cuz I just love making friends regardless of who you are or where you from.Am an open type and I like people who speak their mind.thats me! ! !)

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If Tomorrow Never Comes

Dear mother,
just now I realized
that man's stay on earth
is but limited
and that our days
are but numbered
and being mortal i know not
what lies ahead tomorrow.

But if tomorrow never comes
just you remember
that you had a daughter
who despite her teenage rebellions
adores you.

Please mother,
do tell my father
and my brother
that inspite of our differences
they were dear to my heart.

But to you my love
if tomorrow never comes
do remember those beautiful eyes of mine
that once mirrored the flame of love
that burneth within my heart.

And do remember
that though life be short
and unpredictable
its still a beautiful life, live it
I did!

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p.a. noushad 04 April 2009

i love your poems very much.your poems are the great gift of imagination and they have a magical wand to create wonders.

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