If Tomorrow Never Comes Poem by Isatou Juwara

If Tomorrow Never Comes

Rating: 4.2

Dear mother,
just now I realized
that man's stay on earth
is but limited
and that our days
are but numbered
and being mortal i know not
what lies ahead tomorrow.

But if tomorrow never comes
just you remember
that you had a daughter
who despite her teenage rebellions
adores you.

Please mother,
do tell my father
and my brother
that inspite of our differences
they were dear to my heart.

But to you my love
if tomorrow never comes
do remember those beautiful eyes of mine
that once mirrored the flame of love
that burneth within my heart.

And do remember
that though life be short
and unpredictable
its still a beautiful life, live it
I did!

Kim Barney 02 November 2016

Once again this lovely poem has been chosen as poem of the day, just as it was a little over three years ago. Excellent work.

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Tanmayi Mukundan 28 September 2012

such a wonderfully written poem! very simple yet touches the heart. makes me think that there are so many things i need to tell so many people today if tomorrow never comes. keep writing :)

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Akanksha Bhatt 01 October 2012

amazing just amazing! i liked it very much!

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Jasbir Chatterjee 28 September 2013

what a wonderful tribute to a mother from just as wonderful daughter....

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Thomas Duncky 28 September 2013

Nice and touching opus, glad to have had the time to read it. Worth of being poem of the day. Congrats Juwara

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Seamus O Brian 02 November 2016

Earnest and endearing. The deep prism of this uncertain life glimpsed through the eyes of a young poet, sharing with us what she sees from where she stands. Well done, poignantly and beautifully written. Congratulations.

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Anil Kumar Panda 02 November 2016

A touching write indeed. There is sadness in the lines as you are afraid of losing your dear ones. Emotion is running thick in the poem. Nice. Congrats.

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Tom Billsborough 02 November 2016

well done and well deserved for a deeply felt poem. Much enjoyed it.

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Clarence Prince 02 November 2016

Though life may be short live it! Live it now! The present is here and it we see, but the future is unknown!

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Barry Middleton 02 November 2016

Congratulations on poem of the day. You chose a great topic.

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