James Royster Poems

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Oh Motherland why do you bleed?
It must be painful to watch a war between
your own seed.


How can I smile when 2/3 of me have been
oppressed? Yet I am told to just hold my head
up and do my best.

Society's Jackass

You carry the burdens that have been placed on you.
Your eyes are blinded thinking what you see is true.

Your direction is controlled by the harness in your mouth.

The Most Beautiful Thing

I've seen a flower whose petals refuse to fall.
I've seen a woman who looks like a beautiful queen doll.

I've seen the majestic eagle soar across the sky.

My Blossoming Heart

You complete me, you make me whole,
If I were a puzzle you would be a piece of my soul.

When you’re sad I cry.

God's Masterpiece

I tried to write about you, but the words
weren't special enough.

I tried to sing about you, but the notes

In The End

For me finding love is really tough, but
when I first laid eyes on you I knew you
were a diamond in the rough

The Question

What’s the point of life if there is no love?
What the point of religion if you don’t believe in a man above?

What’s the point of a house if you don’t have a home?


There's more to me than meets the eye.
What you think you see is probably a lie.

Inside this frame there lies three hearts.

The Beginning Of The End

Dear God,
I’m sorry for what I have done.
Afterwards I felt guilty,
but at the time I was just having fun

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