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Without You

my soul screams your name,
my mind always thinks about you,
my life is useless without you,
without you im homless,
without you im worthless,
being around you is worth everything,
the sight of you makes my heart race,
my heart whispers your name,
i'll do anything for you just to have you here with me.

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Lelia Russell 12 March 2014

Thank you. This poem says it all for me as I lost my true love several years ago and miss him very much.

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i dont really know you dude.... but your poems are really good and have alot behind them.... keep the writting going you could make it out of something maybe one day you never know

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Hope Anderson 25 January 2012

u are a really cooool person to talk to :) and your poems are really great.... keep it up

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i love you you are my best friend XOXO just as a friendOR well ya

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