My Feelings For You Poem by Devils Favorite Child Blade

My Feelings For You

Rating: 4.2

my love for you is infinate,
the way I love you never changes,
the pain, suffering, dispear, disapeared like it never existed,
the darkness that consumed me repelled out of my soul,
the light consumes me with love, happyness and joy,

Kelli Williams 07 November 2010

this is a beautiful poem. so sweet! ! ! !

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Robin Machorro 09 November 2010

this poem was so beautiful keep up the good work :))

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Alana Puckett 09 November 2010

awwwww that is good i like it and think it is really sweet

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Hashim Hafsa 19 November 2010

Jason, my dear young friend, good, let your imagination lead you to purities beyond definition.

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~ I Love My Cowboy! ! ! ~ 13 December 2010

you write with amazing passion. this poem is beautiful!

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Lucia Domingos Fula 24 February 2012

OOOOhhh lala beautiful piece! ! shame on your ex she lost someone special anyways time will tell. All the best hun keep on writing! #OneLove

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Devils Favorite Child Blade 23 January 2012

well to sum it up i was writing abt a past girlfriend whom i thought cared abt me but turns out she never did not i read it over i forgot all about it

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Shadow Girl 22 November 2011

short and sweet...what i call a gem! -SG

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that girl who no one likes 17 November 2011

who is it you love so much to write all these poems about?

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shy beauty 23 September 2011

i like this poem alot very nice job

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