Departure Poem by Devils Favorite Child Blade


Rating: 3.7

In blacked flames I dance,
tired of playing these games,
bewindering in the blames,
why does this happen to me,
I have to flee,
why must you set me free?
I just want you all over me
why must you leave me be?
Ijust want you to love me,
yet you let me waste away,
In decay.


Wondeful... And yet Rhythmical, nice work there.

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Cosmic Dreamer 31 January 2012

A vivid portrait of love so fresh yet so familiar... Would you pull the shade across us? Blur my vision of perfection? Bitch slap my hopes of this living dream? I have placed my every belief in you, Yet freely you trample upon my soul, Why is this departure so painful? .. The death of love is never a pretty sight, nor is it easy on those who have danced the dream of love... However, it is sometimes an important lesson in achieving the goals of life... Love never dies... Very nice poem...

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Alex Lees 31 January 2012

I love it :) and its kind what i am going though

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Kelsi Brockway 31 January 2012

I really like this poem. It is sad yet beautiful and few poets can capture the emotions shown so clearly in your poem.

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Laron Green Sr. 27 January 2012

good you keep writing

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*BleedingHeart* *Arielle* 12 December 2011

WOW that was an amazing poem it was written very well perfect in my eyes great job keep up the good work

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