My Brother Rip Poem by Devils Favorite Child Blade

My Brother Rip

Rating: 4.4

The sight of forsaken blood
the sight of deseption runs untold
corps of unforsaken friend lays below
missing til no end
redemption consumes a soul
avenger shall seek vengence
seeking the source of pain and suffering
seeking rememberance
sharing the pain nothing left to gain
echos of his cries in vain
fuel me wth everlasting anger
seeking vengance to those who cause depression, pain, sorrow, anger with no end
vengence is a sweet necture
used rite justice is served

Stormy Day 03 December 2010

You can feel the undercurrent of anger/disappointment/depression. Comes across real well. Also, people, if you're going to comment specifically using your own life, EXPLAIN. Otherwise, dropp it.

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Robin Machorro 26 December 2010

This would have to be my favorite poem of yours I love the emotion you put into it Very sad but I enjoyed reading it :)

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The Devils Girl 08 February 2012

i love this poem it is so deep the best one i have read so far... love it to death

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Vergielyn Cubol 07 October 2011

too young to be a poem

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More! More! More! that was amazing. you really captured me with that poem.

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wow that's intense i can relate i love it :)

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Robin Serdynski 30 December 2010

its really good keep goin

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