Without You Poem by Devils Favorite Child Blade

Without You

Rating: 3.7

my soul screams your name,
my mind always thinks about you,
my life is useless without you,
without you im homless,
without you im worthless,
being around you is worth everything,
the sight of you makes my heart race,
my heart whispers your name,
i'll do anything for you just to have you here with me.

Fadwa Gmiden 22 November 2010

it's great poem. your love is great and big. keep it becoz that will makes u survive ;)

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***lovergirl3000 *** 14 December 2010

this onne is my fave. i felt this way bout someone and even though were apart i still do. ur an excellent writer

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Robin Serdynski 30 December 2010

its really nice hugz keep it up

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Amy Marie 03 January 2011

A very relatable poem

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Clare McCarthy 19 April 2011

I cant describe what Im thinking.. its that good.

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Dipty Patel 13 March 2014

Thank you Jason for this wonderful poem, it seems you are truly in love with this person.. :)

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Husna Amin 12 March 2014

This is a call of a heart in need. The need to be someone's, the need to be loved in return...this is a call of love! Simple and honest, this poem speaks the agony too, that's somewhere hidden.

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 12 March 2013

What a person I am to think the same way as this poem! Everyone of us in trance and we want someone to hold and to be held..Beautiful!

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Gajanan Mishra 12 March 2013

I will do anything just to have you here with me. good love. thanks.

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Besa Dede 30 April 2012

The message is so lovely, a beautiful ode to Love. ~Besa

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