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A Cup Of Tea

It's as hot as her fervent eyes
Welcoming as her cute smile
Soothing as her sweet words
Calming as her delicate hands

Magic Of Love

Let the heart
dwell in the fountain of love
where love may continuously flow
into the abyss of emptiness


Are you lonely every night
it's what I've tried to fight?
Do you really think about me
with the sweet memories we shared?


The love that emerges from the gloomy land
and rises out of a sea of chimera is gone
The boat of love is now ready to sail
away from the isle of illusion

Angels Of Mine

This poem is lovingly dedicated to my priceless treasures; Jazzper and Jiselle Luene.

After two years of absence
I can no longer wait

Angels' Query

I never thought it would happen
To be away from my little angels
On the day going to the airport
I was so anxious and trembling

A New Leaf

New year
New month
New day

A Cup Of Coffee

For my Jeff

A cup of hot coffee
Is like your fiery eyes,

The Last Piece

My apology
to those I have caused pain
to those my artificial popularity affects them
to those who thought that it's unfair and cheating

A Love Song

Come climb the sleeping mountain my darling,
Come stray through the guarding trees with me;
For I long for the nature’s solemn song
And the singing birds of the green forest.

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